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    Drift Skate - silver

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    Drifting Board (freeline skate), the world's lightest, the smallest of the skateboard.



    Drift board first limit of movement by the United States in 2004, inventor Ryan Farrelly, initially inspired by the Alpine skiing, so drift boards have become a land-based sport of skiing. Drift board skating at around two panels, respectively, marked on the L (left left) and R (right on the right), so the use must not be confused. Drift board consists of 4 PU wheels, plate surface, sandpaper, bearings, nuts pose.

     PU wheels the use of advanced materials processed from magnesium alloy plate surface material, casting process, strong and durable; bearings used 608Z professional skateboard bearings, speed fast and long life. Drift board features: light weight, small size, easy to carry, you can bring it anywhere. Would like to stay away, to slip on the slide. Two wheels are independent, one foot one.
     Methods to play
    Less than eight characters rely on two legs, toe posture constant conversion, swing and move forward without pushing with their feet slip, do changes in a variety of fancy moves. The speed of the free master, change the direction of freedom can be rotated in situ. Uphill downhill, you can S-shaped swing, like a fish, like swimming. A flat road, it will be the smallest and lightest form of transport the shuttle in the crowd. With the Waist, hip-twisting movement can be achieved by weight-loss effect, girls fashion darling.
    1.Drift plate from the modeling point of view, it has broken the tradition of skateboarding manufacturing process.
    2. From a functional point of view, has a very good fashionable type.
    3. After the slide from the foot, and then do not need the help of feet and the ground forces to advance the purpose of skateboard using only the activities of the body and foot glide.
    Deck material: Aluminum Alloy+Special Sand Paper

    Wheel material: White PU

    1- freeline skateboard
    2- suitable for crowd or children
    3-small faceboard

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