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    Close Up DUDE Skateboards Cat model red Close Up Fingerboard Completes (From France)

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    Close Up is a company from France which has designed a complete fingerboard.


    Every deck is hand made exactly the same. Each Close Up pack consists of the following:

    1 Wood Deck
    1 Piece of Pre-Cut Griptape
    1 Set of Single Axled Trucks
    1 Set of Silicon Bushings + Washers
    1 Set of Urethane Wheels with Metal Cores
    1 Package of Hardware + Extras
    and of course, many Stickers!

    Now, a Closer look. The decks are 5 plies (2 ultrathin plies, 3 regular thickness) making them extremely strong yet light. They have low/medium height nose and tail, and medium/deep concave for a nice feel on your fingers. Each deck is branded CLOSE UP in the middle. As a special offer from us, our Close Ups are laquered (clearcoated) unlike other shops. The holes are perfectly drilled and countersunk, and there are no kingpin holes because they are not required for Close Up trucks! (if you need kingpin holes drilled into your deck, feel free to ask when you order, but keep in mind it isnt needed for close up trucks)

    The Trucks are really something special. Unlike techdeck trucks, these trucks have a single axle which goes all the way through the hangar, this is how skateboard trucks are made. These trucks will NEVER break like techdeck ones do. They should last forever! Also keep in mind, if you want to you can use these trucks on a FlatFce deck or any other deck, they will fit just like techdeck trucks fit all wooden decks. The bushings are real silicon and come with washers to prevent the nut from squishing into the bushing.

    The wheels are made from the same material as skateboard wheels, Urethane! They have a metal core which helps them spin really nicely and if you oil them, expect even better performance! The wheels are great on almost every surface!
    The griptape is black, and pre-cut to the shape of the deck, so all you need to do is peel it and stick it! No filing or cutting needed!
    Also, each Close Up kit comes with instructions on how to build your fingerboard!


    Close Up DUDE Skateboards Cat model red


    Complete fingerskateboard DUDE Skateboards set with 5 colored mapple wood plys, two kinds of griptape,

    new printed wheels, trucks and improved other parts…




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